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101 Ways to Live Cleaner and Greener for Free by Anna Pitt - Reader Reviews

“I think this is a great book full of really useful, and some quite unusual tips on how to live a greener existence on a budget.  Many of these tips should just become automatic after a while so they fit seamlessly into the things that you do on a daily basis.  What could be simpler?   Heading up each section is some useful factual and statistical information providing all the justification you need for a change in your habits.  It’s so important that we all start doing our bit to save resources and pollute the environment less, even if you think your little bit is too minor to have an impact, the cumulative effect of all these changes and of enough people adopting them are certainly worthwhile.  That’s why books like Anna’s are so vital at this critical make-or-break time for our planet.

As a wood recycler, my tip to be greener for free is to look out for wooden pallets.  You can often find these abandoned or just ask suitable businesses or at a construction site.  There are all sorts of things that can be made from pallet wood; compost bins, shelters, beds, sofas, chairs, stools, the list is endless.  The web site; www.studiomama.com has downloadable instruction manuals of pallet furniture.  So, no excuses, get making.”

Kate Carruther, Oxford Wood Recycling Ltd, www.oxfordwoodrecycling.org.uk


"This book is a great idea, and makes me think how much less mess would be about if only my generation, and the one before that, was equiped with the same information.

My favorite tip would have to be Tip 99. I think off cuts of wallpaper for wrapping paper is a winner, much better quality (thicker) than your average gift wrap. Maybe talk to your local decorator to ask them for their off cuts..."

I want to see what else Gizmo the Geek has for us!

Sarah MacDonald, Sarah's Painting & Decorating, www.sarahspainting.co.uk

101 Ways

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