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How to send in a review...


You can post a review on the Amazon website by clicking on to the product page. There you will find a link marked 'Customer Reviews'. From the review page there's a button to 'Create your own review'.

There is also a review section on the Waterstones website. This link takes you to the product page for 101 Ways. Click on the Customer Review tab and there's a button marked 'Write your review'.


If you would like your review to appear on this website you can email it using the link below.


We are very grateful to everyone who posts reviews. It helps to get the book noticed. We hope that everyone who reads this book will do at least one thing to make their lives cleaner and greener, and if you've read the maths bits you will know how much difference that makes!


101 Ways

£8.99 with free p&p (UK & Europe)

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